Client service

Sam, I still vividly remember those training sessions with you… they were fantastic!!! I learned valuable lessons for persuasive communications that I constantly use in developing research studies and disseminating them… still have the booklet you gave us, and go back to it from time to time…

Medical researcher


Really appreciate all of your great work over the last week. Looking forward to working with you again.

Senior planner, major urban developer


I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you again for your help in preparing us for last week's announcement. I think things went very well, considering the difficulty of subject matter. The Minister was very comfortable with the material, and I think that came through in his comments and responses. Thanks so much for your guidance and advice throughout the entire process. It was a great learning experience for me and really enjoyed working with you.

Press Secretary, minister


Sam - thanks for all the work you put into this, lining up a major news source. I think the story got out as we wanted...Should be some churn in the morning papers, hopefully this will heat up now. Good timing.

President, natural resources company

Thanks again for helping to prep our partner for the interview…You added great insight and experience to the process, and it was exactly what we were looking for.

Vice President, major global law firm


You did a fantastic job in gently instructing us and helping us with our more egregious missteps.

Spokesperson, provincial crown corporation


Just between us, I really love working with you. You respond quickly, and always are a great resource when we are in a bind. Thanks for the great customer service!

Communications executive, provincial crown corporation


You were a great help with preparation Sam – your efforts are always appreciated.

Vice President, major national charitable organization


For me and my managers, we all thought the session was well done, very informative and we all walked away with great pointers and notes that we believe will aid in our launch. The on camera interviews were an excellent way of displaying the topic at hand and that type of visual resonated with all of us on what to do and not do. Very well done!

Director, provincial crown corporation


Fast and good! Thanks.

President, major Canadian mining company


I love this!!!!

Director, name brand pharmaceutical company


Phew!  Thanks, really like working with you. It's always great products and service.

Senior Director, provincial crown corporation